Sable furs at Fur exhibitions 2016 by ACTIVE FURS

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World fur fashion events for 2016 such as 2016 Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair , MIFUR 2016 , Fur Excellence in Athens 2016 and Kastoria International Fur Fair 2016, have been completed and ACTIVE FURS Sable collection has once again been present in almost all of them!

Proud to have presented over 250 Russian sable fur models, our designers and furriers enjoyed everyone’s questions and of course were delighted to show the entire beauty of Russian sable fur skins!

ACTIVE S.A. thanks all customers and friends for their love extended through their presence in our fur exhibition booths. We wish everyone a great fur season and success in everyone’s fur business. Finally we wish to thank all organizers for their efforts, wishing them success for next year’s exhibitions!