Sable producer ACTIVE FURS welcomes Summer School of Fur in Kastoria

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Sable fur leader ACTIVE FURS was visited by the Summer School of Fur, a total of 26 students, at its production plant in Kastoria on August 26th. The summer program through which students of various educational departments attend workshops and lectures surrounding the use of fur, visited selected businesses and fur organizations in the greater Kastoria area. The endeavor was co-organized by the Greek Fur Association and Fur Europe of IFF. Visits included fur manufacturers in Kastoria and Siatista, as well as the grounds of the Fur Association where the students attended courses. (more…)


Sojuzpushnina fur auction Sable Top Lot bought by ACTIVE FURS

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ACTIVE FURS is very proud of our cooperation with the International Sable fur auction house of Sojuzpushnina, which guarantees our supply of certified sable furs. Our company maintains a steady yearly supply of sable fur skins from the world renowned St.Petersburg auction, accompanied with all the relative certificates that wild sable needs. This includes annual certificates of purchase as well as labels for all sable fur coats produced using the best sable skins obtained by Sojuzpushnina. (more…)


ACTIVE FURS new website online!

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ACTIVE FURS new website is up and running at
ACTIVE is doing it’s best to bring together very important information about sable, and of course present it’s sable furs online.


ACTIVE Furs during the Kastoria fur fair

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ACTIVE welcomes everyone to Kastoria to the 40th International fur fair of Kastoria. The city celebrates its fur expertise and ACTIVE Furs will be open for anyone wanting top get a glimpse of the best sable furs in the world.